Posted: 23.03.2012 in Bulgarian literature

For those who don’t know Boris Aprilov yet:

This is a web page for my father Boris Aprilov, well known bulgarian writer. The pictures up are from his young years, when he lived in the seaside town Burgas in Bulgaria. Those are the years which build him as a big lover of the literature, the sea, the life, the freedom… Here I want to show him as a good man, talanted writer, father, a citizen of one of the communist countries, succeeded to keep his freedom and to live his life the way he always wanted.

The name Boris Aprilov is a pseudonym of Atanas Djavkov, born in Burgas, Bulgaria on 21 of March 1921, died on 10 of April 1995 in Tel Aviv, Israel.“

You can look at his pages:





And I’ll continue to do this blog job here.


And here it is a short information about Boris Aprilov as a writer, between the years 1943 – 1989, when this broshure was printed. The years after will be added.



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